Wanna kick ass? Good, we want to hear from you!

We’ve had people drop off pizza, flowers, and even put their super fancy resumes under a beer during happy hour. While it’s fun to find motivated and creative individuals to join the team, it’s hard to dedicate the time we need to sort through the plethora of those both qualified and unqualified. So, this page is an introduction to the culture of the IOKON inner circle. Read through and if you still think you’ve got what it takes, give it a whirl.

Earn It.


That’s correct-o-mundo, we said earn. While we know that some folks need a free ride from time to time – this isn’t going to be one of ‘em. Everyone at IOKON works hard to build our brand, our culture, and our business. We’re proud of what we’ve got here and you’ve gotta show us that you’re just as motivated, creative, inspired and willing to keep  a full time position as we are. Taking an internship and kicking ass might be one way to prove it.

Get Educated.


We are well aware that many college gradubets get a diploma because they passed some tests and spent a small fortune on tuition. In reality though, that means squat. As an intern at IOKON, you’re going to get educated the right way. We’ll teach you the ins and outs of marketing real businesses for real clients, in the real world where it really matters. So we wouldn’t rest any laurels on that rolled up diploma you’re so eager to talk about.

Be Social.


Blogging, Facebooking, You Tubing, Twittering, Pinteresting, Stumbling, or any other variation of “ing” we haven’t mentioned are all an important part of your internship and the educational process. Being social isn’t just something fun, it’s a requirement. Remember… if you are a “Social Media Expert”, you’d better look like it. Second… it’s probably the only job you’ll have where playing on Facebook won’t likely get you fired.

Prove Incredible.


Yeah, incredible! We said it, you be it. If we wanted normal folks, we’d be parading around some technical college on career day asking for the most boring saps we can find. That said, come ready to be nothing short of awesome. We like to mold and shape. We like to create little marketing monsters… we make your bite as awesome as your bark. No sissies here folks. Just come prepared to learn about all the reasons why you’re glad you applied.

Interns don’t make coffee here. Why?


Coffee is for closers!

While you can drink as much coffee  as you’d like, we promise you won’t be making any! See, there is an art to brewing the perfect pot and because most of us count on our tasty cups of motivation to get us through the day, this is simply way too important of a role to be handed to just anyone. Once you’ve earned your place at the IOKON offices permanently, only then you’ll be entrusted to make sure the holy carafe of cafe’ colored goodness never runnith dry.

You ready?

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