In a world where every Tom, Dick, and Harry is an “expert” in something, we know that it’s becoming harder and harder to separate the bullshitters from the go-getters. Dare we say expensively frustrating? Don’t worry, we’ve been there too and the fact is that when it comes to an industry like marketing and advertising; the paradigm shift from traditional methodologies to digital strategies tend to add even more complication to the mix. That said, we think learning more about our agency, our culture, and the way that we get things done will go a long way.

Humble Beginnings Every story starts somewhere

A Space / cir. 2007


A single room without a desk, computer, or a real client to think of on opening day. That 47 square feet of space above a Chinese restaurant was the beginning for us. Good, bad and smelly… it was ours.

An Office / cir. 2008


With our portfolio of $1000 dollar clients and a slew of self-proclaimed $35,000 dollar millionaires in the hopper, the boss decided to expand. We got a conference room AND a projector. It was awesome.

A Suite / cir. 2009


Like any business plan, ours had changed… again. Yeah baby, it was time for a suite and an address with attitude. We Relocated within the CBD in the heart of Downtown New Orleans.

A Tower / cir. 2011


If having a suite wasn’t cool enough, we began to hear rumors about towers… yes, more than one! As we expanded, so did our need for space. Today, we’re in towers. Like Rapunzel n’ stuff.

Stuff the boss says…
Sometimes frustrating. Always insightful. Occasionally nuts.

A collection of comments from the boss’ morning meetings, email rants, and the occasional happy hour. All in all, the crew here in copyrighting decided that our company culture page would make a great place for a few of our favorites. The boss’ mileage may vary

“Every day, our clients just loooove throwing us curve balls. Some claim to have reinvented the wheel. Others say they’ve come up with the best idea since sliced bread. Some do. Most don’t. But it’s our job to sit, listen, and evaluate without judgement or a propensity to dismiss. Every success story starts somewhere.” – During New Hire Orientation

“All of our prospect clients have something in common. The reason they’re in seat across from us is because they realize they need a little help. We may not know how to build a house like they do, but we know how to sell tools to the good folks who do. No tools – No house. We’re needed.” – Open Forum Debate at NAB

We don’t believe in flaunting or offering up case studies for self promotion. We just don’t. In fact, let me make it clear that we have never had a client come to IOKON because of some silly piece of propaganda produced at the expense of another client.  Ever. Period. End of story.” – Deal closing with Republican National Convention

“Competition is someone you fear coming up against on the field. Look around and you’ll realize that we are the only ones even on the field. While everyone else is learning about new media, we were bred in it. It’s been in our DNA from inception and it doesn’t just make us better, it makes us wiser.” – Debate over New Agencies vs. Older agencies

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